NEX says investors have yet to see the real opportunities in transparency and efficiency.

How much off-exchange trading is too much?


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The pilot automates distribution between providers and consumers.

UK regulator is open to all forms of deployment provided operational risks are properly mitigated.

Smaller issuers will face challenges obtaining research services.

Will independent research adopt the Netflix delivery model?

The industry bodies call for adoption of a comprehensive framework.

Generation AP (Amazon Prime) doesn’t send forms or wait for prices.

Autobahn 2.0 predicts equities pricing and volume more accurately, firm says.

MTF provides FXall and matching users a compliant source of liquidity.

A rather frank assessment of the upcoming regulation.

The exchange can provide APA and ARM services.

Asset managers require an end-to-end research workflow solution for MiFID II.

For non-traditional markets, non-traditional sources of information.

The new feed is to go live on December 14.

The largest financial firms have committed to climate-related disclosures.

Currently favorable pay conditions may not last.

Aim is to improve control and flexibility for advanced trading strategies.