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Payment for Order Flow in Focus

Could transparency save the oft-reviled brokerage practice?

The jury remains out on future gains in e-trading.


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09.28.2017 By Shanny Basar
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09.21.2017 By John D'Antona
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10.04.2017 By Terry Flanagan

Liquidity and data transparency were top buy-side trader worries.

System warns traders when a company changes its earnings or meetings.

The exchange needs to unlock the new data economy.

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Challenges Drive Data Innovation

A look at the forces shaping technological advances in the world of data management.

The exchange hopes the third speed bump is a charm.

Larger anonymous block orders can be traded in compliance with MiFID II.

Grossman was formerly CEO of Barclays Global Investors.

Do not overcomplicate things with a trade-at component.

Traders can now execute order in multiple cybercurrencies alongside stocks.

Wall Street trading veteran takes top Division post.

The union enables ETF trading cheaply and efficiently.

Signposting private bond data and increasing access improves liquidity.

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Rolet To Leave LSE Group

The board is now initiating a process to find a successor.

Trade repository data has been used for the estimate for the first time.

The group has spent the past two years reaching an industry consensus.