A systematic internaliser can report trades on behalf of clients.

Hudson River-Sun deal shows today's trading biz is like the oil patch of 20 years ago.


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01.02.2018 By Terry Flanagan
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01.11.2018 By Terry Flanagan

The blockchain body hires wireless broadband and power veteran to helm the organization.

New data sets help fill gaps in fundamental analysis.

Why getting the technology balance right is critical for survival.

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NYSE to Launch NYSE National

ICE's fourth equity exchange will be trading-only.

SC Ventures will be led by Alex Manson, previously head of transaction banking.

The NYSE moves closer to becoming a listing agent for the Saudi oil giant.

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Blockchain Nears Production

After years of promises, expect projects to go into production in 2018.

A joint study with the Bank of Canada found little adverse effects.

Deal combines on-exchange and off-exchange trading acumen.

Personnel moves pick up steam as markets move into 2018.

Aim is seamless interaction across digital ledgers.

Single-dealer platforms offer a non-displayed alternative.

The most popular IPO of the year could be coming from the Far East.

The hub simplifies access to systematic internalisers via an API.

The launch of bitcoin futures signals institutional recognition.

Eurex and Xetra have implemented the technology as part of a network upgrade.